Good research can win deals and campaigns. Negative stories can kill projects and curtail aspirations.

Our research team combines rigorous records research and analysis with keen strategic insight to safeguard clients’ reputations and challenge their competition. We uncover and examine legal, financial, and media records — with a honed understanding of what details will pop and what information needs protecting.

We work with clients that need to stay two steps ahead of everyone else. Whether they face be intense competition, thorny regulations or harsh scrutiny from the press, our clients choose us for our decades of experience in research, media, and strategy and the agility to integrate all three to help them navigate sensitive situations.


Background Due Diligence

Undisclosed issues can torpedo companies and campaigns. We vet everything from criminal and civil litigation, financial histories, regulatory filings, business affiliations and social media platforms to help you stay two steps ahead of your opponents.

Opposition Research

Our clients want to know who they’re doing business with — or competing against. We investigate key executives, suppliers, partners and funders to arm you with the information you need to manage your company’s most important moments.

Reputational Assessment

Protecting and defending your reputation is essential. We dive deep to pinpoint weaknesses that could be exploited and help you harness the information to develop effective action, defense or messaging strategies.

Donor / Funder Vetting

Whether funding a startup or financing a political campaign or social cause, taking money from the wrong source can stop a project in its tracks. We review a potential benefactor’s financial and legal backgrounds, previous donations, controversies and potential conflicts of interest to inform clients and mitigate risk.


One factual misstatement or misrepresentation — whether in an ad, a speech, or a social media post — can undermine a social or political campaign. We conduct line-by-line reviews, backing up even seemingly innocuous claims with primary source material to ensure accurate, effective message delivery.

Background Briefs

We research public policy and industry issues and compile “cheat sheet” summaries or snapshots to inform clients preparing for speaking engagements, interviews and business or legislative meetings.