Stu Loeser & Co. is a media strategy and corporate intelligence firm that helps organizations and individuals navigate the world's most complicated news markets.


Led by Senator Schumer’s former communications director and the longest-serving mayoral spokesman in New York City history, our team provides keen strategic insight spanning media strategy, corporate intelligencecrisis communications, media training and executive communications, digital and paid media advocacy and audits.

Our team comes from journalism, tech companies and political campaigns in New York, DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Connecticut and beyond. We've waged successful regulatory battles, won elections and helped launch startups. We know how to move the needle with the individuals who matter most to you and your company.

People don't come to us for help telling easy stories. We can help you break through a crowded media environment and stay two steps ahead of your opponents, in an era when people overhear more than they listen and a single tweet can severely impact your company's future.

He can identify problems before they happen.... I’m convinced that Stu Loeser has kept me out of more trouble than he’s gotten me out of.
— Mayor Michael Bloomberg
There are few people who understand politics as well as Stu does. He understands New York inside and out.
— Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

There are countless firms that say they work at the intersection of politics, policy and press. So what makes us different?

Experience that matters. In our current political climate, every story can become a political story. The most influential reporters covering Washington today trained in New York City, where they honed their skills covering Mayor Bloomberg during Stu Loeser's tenure as press secretary.

Integrated research capability. Good corporate intelligence can win deals, quarters and campaigns. Negative stories can end projects, tenures and aspirations. Our team has decades of experience uncovering vulnerabilities through journalism and opposition research — and using it to change narratives.

Nimble and personalized attention.  While many firms chase economies of scale by slightly modifying template strategies prepared for other clients, we approach each product with the fresh, creative thinking your goals deserve. The people you'll meet in our first meetings are the people who will be with you day-to-day and when crises strike.

Unique fee structure. We work with young companies as well as industry giants — and we know you don't always have the cash on hand to hire top-tier talent. That's why we encourage startups to leverage equity, ensuring you get the representation your big idea deserves — and that our interests will continue to align with yours as you continue to grow.