We situate you where you need to be, with the people who matter most to you.


We situate you where you need to be, with the people who matter most to you.

He can identify problems before they happen, and make sure they don’t happen. I’m convinced that Stu Loeser has kept me out of more trouble than he’s gotten me out of.
— Mike Bloomberg
Being in politics for 30 years, I can say there are few people who understand politics as well as Stu does. He understands New York inside and out.
— Senator Chuck Schumer

Navigating the most competitive media market in the world—and defining yourself in an era when people listen less, and overhear more—demands savvy, foresight and experience. 

Led by the longest-serving mayoral spokesman in New York City history, Stu Loeser & Co. is an agile, focused team that develops novel communications strategies situating leaders from tech, finance and philanthropy where they need to be, with the people who matter most to them.

Our clients rely on us to design long-term blueprints that help them thrive on the biggest stages and steer them through turbulent public crises into a position of control.

We are here to help you think several steps ahead when you need it most.

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Our credibility and relationships with the media help us design smart, multidimensional media campaigns that achieve your goals. 


We develop a road map to both sharpen and amplify your story and execute it with you so it resonates with the right audiences.


We are political campaign veterans who can anticipate, shape and navigate the public moments that can define you.


Our team prepares high-profile principals for the spotlight in key interviews and appearances on every stage, from speeches to TV to social media.

Who We Are



Who We Are


The longest serving mayoral spokesman in New York City history, Stu Loeser has amassed more than two decades of communications, strategy and public relations experience on the biggest stages and on presidential, senate and gubernatorial campaigns.

As Press Secretary for Mayor Michael Bloomberg for nearly seven years, Stu designed and led long-term strategic plans that made Mayor Bloomberg a national leader on environmental sustainability, illegal guns and immigration while also managing all communications involving City Hall and more than 40 city agencies.

Stu now puts these skills to use for some of the most prominent technology companies, Fortune 100 corporations, thriving start-ups and high net-worth individuals around the world. His "bare-knuckles approach, political instincts, and deep connections" has earned high praise and featured in two of the New York Observer's "PR Battles of the Year."  

Stu has been profiled as the "city's foremost practitioner of the dark art known as opposition research" and recognized for his work in the New York Times, New York Observer and City and StateEarlier in his career, he served as U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer's Communications Director and worked on the Clinton/Gore and Gore/Lieberman presidential campaigns.